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Bea Kobran, Energy Healer


Counseling and Life Coaching

Consciousness speaks to our mind and open our awareness about ourselves. Our attitudes, moods, habits, actions and views are depending on the kind of energy fields that circulates around our body. Whether the energy is in balance or imbalance flow, this can recognize through the colored energy exerted and surround the physical body like a halo, is known as Aura energy field, or the location where the healing take place.

Holistic Healing

Healing, a word that everyone who is affected either directly or indirectly by a disease or any form of hurting will seek, wish, or pray for among others. As a result, there are various ways to healing; medication, prayers, and meditation are the most popular. However, among these methods which are used to realize healing, which is the most effective or which is the sure way towards healing?

Remote Healing

Bea works with remote healing on your body, mind and spirit, which has cellular memory and can rapidly change by "removing the old programming" and replacing it with positive programming. Some clients can receive instant healing, because NO subconscious program, or believes is blocking it.

My Services

  • Life Coach

    Our awareness is beneficial to us because we can manage to apply it to our daily routine. Applying the knowledge we gain from studying our consciousness can help us connects to divinity, renew our being, reformat our belief systems, throw clutters in mind, balance our energy, improves our health and more.
  • Intuitive Healing

    This service to gain Intuitive Healing and Ascension Awareness, may require more than one session, but not more than three, following the evolution of the client and depending on his beliefs.
  • Spiritual Awareness

    I took efforts to make an advancement of my knowledge of healing and to be able to answer inquiries from students and followers. I researched and study the ancient teachings of several spiritual traditions: Buddhism, Judeo-Christian sacraments, Hinduism Chakras, Shintoism, Taoism and Kabbalah (Tree of life). Recently, the indigenous shamans in South America brought great awareness to my consciousness.
  • Psychic Reading

    A psychic reading can help with healing old wounds that are still playing a role in your life today whether you still can feel them or not. In relationship as well as in career or finance matters a intuitive reading will provide you with accurate information to empower you to make decisions with confidence. In today’s modern world, we can access teachings from many different cultures, traditions, and religions to discover their common underlying truth. The Internet and Social Media are connecting people like never before…allowing them to share their wisdom while “awakening” others.
  • Holistic Therapy

    It is a cause for worry that almost every part of the world today is experiencing wars or a political crisis. It is also frightening that currently, the world is witnessing some of the highly intensive crisis which includes civil wars for the case of Syria to ideologically oriented crisis for example, The Islamic State. The nature of the wars is of no consequential meaning, the primary concern is how this can come to an end. Whether or not the wars come to an end is also of little significance compared to the ability to prevent future wars. How can these two crucial aspects be achieved? The answer lies with healing.
  • Energy Healing

    As human, we are guided by religions where they give advices to strengthen the energy within us. One of these guidelines is the power of love that works for the benefits of us. These magnetic powers build and burst the confidence and trust attitude of the beholder to strongly survive to their money problems. To enlighten them how to manage the financial flow, the balance in and out of money achieving abundance in life.

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Psychic Readings: $50.00/ 30 min
Psychic Readings: $99.00/ 1hr
First 3 sessions: $240.00

This price includes a profound familiarization with a client’s medical history, his/her detrimental memory history and the history of his/her emotional traumas.

Following 3 sessions: $180.00

More or fewer treatments could be required, depending on each individual case. The commitment to learning self-healing meditation techniques is extremely important. In order to enforce the results of spiritual healing, and consequently, reduce your overall cost, self-healing should be practiced on the regular basis, after the healing sessions.