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Bea Kobran, Energy Healer


Higher Vibration- Fifth. Dimension

 Higher Vibration – Fifth Dimension Time has come for all of us to awaken; it is the moment to reach a Higher Vibration – fifth Dimension. This higher vibration is intangible and invisible, therefore, is located in our mind. The pineal and pituitary glands enable us to vib

Recycling the Clutter in Psychic Self-Defense

Recycling the Clutter in Psychic Self-Defense We tend to accumulate stuff, material, emotional and spiritual stuff. Be aware that material things store energy. Anyone who has kept a present from a grandparent departed parent or another significant person knows what this can represent:

Amulets and Talismans

A piece of wood, a stone, a crystal and many other Nature’s “belongings” may be an Amulet or a Talisman. Everything in this Universe has a vibration For a Amulet and Talisman, in its molecules live the vibration of its motherland, it is a living tangible connection to the energy

The Diamond Crystal Energy

The Diamond Crystal Energy Crystals amplify, transform, transmit and store energy.  Crystal based technologies are television, radio, watches, computers, satellites’ cell-phones.  Memory microchips are crystals made. Let us look inside of the most powerful precious crystal stone: The

The Healing Energy of Crystals

The Healing Energy of Crystals – Gemstones Precious and semi-precious stones, such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, tourmaline, amethyst, lapis lazuli, opals, topaz, crystals and many others, typically are appreciated and worn for their aesthetic beauty.   While many are not aware

Healing your Thoughts with Meditation

Meditation, part.1 This is the practice of focusing the mind, and it encompasses a wide variety of spiritual practices. You can do moving meditations, seated meditations, open-eyes meditations, close-eyes meditations and more. All is good. Meditation enables: • Personal development •

The Healing Power of Sex

 The Healing Power of Sex relates to every spiritual tradition around the world. The Healing Power of Sex will enable accessing peak experiences of love, oneness and healing loneliness. Humans have an innate need  of bliss, merging, and ecstasy. When we access higher states of conscio

Healing your Thoughts

     Can You Stop Thinking… How do you Recycle your Thoughts? Part 3  Inevitably what Troubles you Mentally and Emotionally manifests itself Physically Healing your Thoughts you will achieve to heal your physical body  Incontinence – Years of controlling the emotions with

Recycle your Thoughts

Can You Stop Thinking, How do you recycle your thoughts? Inevitably what Troubles you Mentally and Emotionally manifests itself Physically RECYCLE YOUR THOUGHTS   Healing your Thoughts and Emotions will Lead to Better Well Being  Anxiety – overwhelming fears and indecision

Healing Karma

Healing Karma Why can’t my brain just take a break?  My mind is constantly going.  I am having anxiety attacks – increasing in frequency.  I feel so overwhelmed, drained, empty, dried to a crisp.  So much to do!                                                             Why so many p