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Bea Kobran, Energy Healer


Healing Holiday Blues and Fears

Fear is an unpleasant emotion, induced by a threat pertaining to a present or a future situation.  Nearly all that blocks you, creates limitations or curbs flexibility in your life is the sign of fear. Fear can be disparaging to our bodies and minds.  It produces changes in brain and

Consumption versus Spirituality

Today materialism seems to take control of almost everything. Because, love and romance are increasingly defined by the degree of materialism involved, status in the society is accorded depending on the amount of material possession one has to his/her name, and success in life is benc

Life coaching with Intuition

It is undoubted that we make our own realities through the choices we make, the thoughts we entertain, attitudes and beliefs we adopt. However, understanding this on an intellectual level isn’t enough and we have to actually walk the walk, and this brings in the importance of life cou


All human are bound to understand the way their surrounding reacts on their individuality, the way it influence their culture, views on life, traditions and beliefs. We are here to study our environment, the nature, the ecosystem, the humanity, the way of living and the totality of in

Difficult Times Energy Healing

Difficulties, cause both physical and emotional trauma, and while medication can heal physical injuries, it takes more to heal the emotions. Difficult times energy healing,  involves psychological trauma. With the many crises, especially now in the world; from the terror caused by Isi