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Bea Kobran, Energy Healer


Michael G. Testimonial Part 2

What ended up happening with my health… I was lucky enough to have a relative who was an expert massage therapist, one of those who studied medicine for many years and for all practical purposes was a doctor.  Through his energetic and skillful efforts, he took my panic attacks tempor

Michael’s Testimonial_Spiritual Healing Part 3

Testimonials_Spiritual Healing Prerequisites for a treatment of spiritual healing It’s hard to say exactly whether I believed this would help.  My attitude was more of a “let’s do it since the opportunity presented itself.”  If I were to have a chance to be seen by the best medical do

Michael G. Testimonial Part 1

My original attitude towards occult belief I’d say, that when it comes to occult stuff, I was rather pessimistic, an agnostic so to speak.  This means that day to day I didn’t believe in it, and even crack jokes at the opportune moments, but once in awhile, I came across some weird ap

Spirit Guides

Another one of my abilities is to communicate with spirit guides.  I feel that I am surrounded by a few them.  Perceive their voices since I was a child and was listening to them thinking that this was a very common thing, like hearing, vision or a sense of touch.  I think everybody h

Energy Attachments

What are energy attachments? Well, to best illustrate attachments, one should think of links, bonds between items. As a human being- one has spiritual energy attachments – a form of energy that originates and can be sourced from within. Due to this energy – a person will a

Healing Holiday Blues and Fears

Fear is an unpleasant emotion, induced by a threat pertaining to a present or a future situation.  Nearly all that blocks you, creates limitations or curbs flexibility in your life is the sign of fear. Fear can be disparaging to our bodies and minds.  It produces changes in brain and

Consumption versus Spirituality

Today materialism seems to take control of almost everything. Because, love and romance are increasingly defined by the degree of materialism involved, status in the society is accorded depending on the amount of material possession one has to his/her name, and success in life is benc

Mindful Wholeness

Mindful Wholeness Mindful Wholeness –  Everything around you has a form of energy; both the living and the non-living. Energy; in its daily usage is a scientifically oriented word that is used to mean that which bears a force either potentially or otherwise. The good news is tha


Increased knowledge in divine matters creates a deep sense of passion and personal delight, possibly because of the intimate nature of divinity or probably because of the infinity in divinity. Divine soul is an aspect of every individual, an essence that goes beyond the human reproach

Perception is Speechless

  Have you ever experienced an event that you already know it happen before, or simply called it as “déjà vue”?   The future can be seen but not all can understand.   Seeing the future is not an ordinary event or an exercise that we, as an ordinary person can practice.  This some