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Bea Kobran, Energy Healer


Spiritual Awareness for the Gut-Brain relationship

Spiritual Awareness for the Gut-Brain relationship Many of my clients don’t understand what “spiritual healing” is. Some think I’m a wizard, others that I have “unknown powers.” None of this is true. The only “special” talent that I have is the ability to see what most don’t and this

Healing of Believes – Lake Worth – FL

H HEALING OF BELIEVES – PRESENT AND PAST LIFE Save the date: Sunday – February the 28 ht. and March the 6th. 2016 From 1.30 to 3 PM.  Ocean Oasis Spa  30 South M Street – Lake Worth – FL 33460 561 517 8463    Our brain is like a computer that contains a hard dr

Healing begins Within

Healing Begins Within Wrong lifestyles, evil doings, false belief and more negative actions and views may be the result of stressful and imbalance energy that flows all throughout our body.  This may be acquired through the food and drinks we intake and through the frequencies of ener

ADD – ADHD Healing Meditation

Bea Kobran at Healing Harmony Center ADD ADHD Healing Meditation offers to all attendees a chromotherapy or color enhancing energy healing to balance the chakras energy flow.  Heel hidden issues with chakra color light. This Healing Meditation is for students as well for everyone that

Workplace Mindfulness

  Workplace mindfulness is common to most successful entrepreneurs as the one major tool of their operation. Workplace Mindfulness can be defined as being moment-to-moment aware of your work. Being aware is simply being in touch with yourself, your thoughts, and your surroundings

Mindfulness facing Fears

Mindfulness facing Fears Fear is an emotion that changes the behavior of a certain individual.  A normal behavior that dictates by our intuition to avoid the danger that might come along.   There are certain levels of fears that we must learn in our lives.  This level is based on the

Aquarius Mindshift

Today we are experiencing Aquarius mindshift Looking back a century ago, our learning systems are limited to analytical, academics and linear. They often believe in academic teaching as facts and do not consider the mysteries behind the spiritual world. Changes are necessary and const

Spiritual Healing Modalities

Spiritual Healing New Modalities Do you have a disease that has been bothering you and you are tired of taking medicine? then energy or spiritual healing new modalities is the answer. If yes then you do not need to worry anymore because I have good information for you. You can get you

Healing of Fears

Healing of Fears Fear is a chemistry that denies life in our soul What is fear and what are its effects? Well, the dictionary definition of fear is an emotion that is a result of the belief that something or someone is a danger capable of causing pain or poses a threat. In the normal

Healing Power of Silence

Within every human being lies the healing power of silence and meditation,  a silence nature that is usually underneath as well as beyond the obvious noise in the mind. It is indeed true that all communication is born out of silence and leads back to the same silence it sprung from in