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Bea Kobran, Energy Healer


How a Mother Heals with Her Love

How a Mother Heals with Her Love If there is one thing that is certain in this world, it is the fact that life can be unpredictable. You can be perfectly fine one time then suffering the next time. This is inevitable. As adults, we sometimes feel that we can do everything on our own.

The Three Steps to Spiritual Healing

  The first thing in a healing process is to bring balance to the energy centers.  To undertake this task, a healer must have a keen perception and knowledge of the metaphysical world – Specifically- this operation requires a proficiency in the usage of the element AIR. Thi

Mindful Wholeness

Mindful Wholeness Mindful Wholeness –  Everything around you has a form of energy; both the living and the non-living. Energy; in its daily usage is a scientifically oriented word that is used to mean that which bears a force either potentially or otherwise. The good news is tha

Difficult Times Energy Healing

Difficulties, cause both physical and emotional trauma, and while medication can heal physical injuries, it takes more to heal the emotions. Difficult times energy healing,  involves psychological trauma. With the many crises, especially now in the world; from the terror caused by Isi

Aura Energy Field

  Consciousness speaks to our mind and opens our awareness about ourselves. Our attitudes, moods, habits, actions and views are depending on the kind of energy fields that circulates around our body. Whether the energy is in balance or imbalance flow, this can recognize through t

Different Cultures Healing

Healing, a word that everyone who is affected either directly or indirectly by a disease or any form of hurting will seek.  Besides, if we are skeptik to energy healing we don’t apply to our spiritual intelligence. For each culture healing means something different and we need t

Healing Arts

In the modern times and contemporary era of technology and industrial revolution, the usual human problems are now accompanied by more difficult and challenging obstacles.  Before, life was simpler, such that you will never go hungry as long as you plant food on your backyard. You can

Changing your Beliefs

Changing your beliefs play a major part in your health and well-being For a belief to have an impact in your life, you have to repeat it to yourself over and over again. Beliefs seem like they are second nature – but they are only thoughts – that can be very problematic wh