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Energy Healing -Healed by Nature

Energy Healing with Mother Nature

The Green color of Nature heals your mind in different ways:

energy healing - healed by nature

energy healing – healed by nature

Our brains can sometimes become overloaded with all of the sights and sounds that we see. The world that we live in right now is moving at the speed of light. It can be hard to live a life that is still considered simple in this modern world. There are so many things that other people demand from us.

A lot of times, our bodies cannot cope but we push ourselves to the point of exhaustion so that some things will be done. We take on everything that we can especially if it means that we are going to earn money from it.

We take projects that we know we would not be able to finish, we do tasks that we have to complete in a ridiculous amount of time only because of money. It would seem like we are able to deal in the beginning but after a while, consciousness would begin to fail.
One solution to the hectic and modern world is to take a walk in nature. This is one way to do energy healing.

The benefits that you can get from it are note-worthy:

1. When you spend time alone with nature, you are going to heighten your senses and allow it to relax at the same time. Your nervous system will have the chance to recuperate from all the stress that it has experienced.

2. You will be allowed to connect with your innermost thoughts. When was the last time you spent time alone? If you cannot think of a time like this, you need to connect with yourself more.

3. You will become exposed to a lot of natural elements which will get rid of the negative energy that you are carrying in your system. All of the stress that you are feeling can translate to negative energy and you will feel lighter and more optimistic without that.

4. Do you know that walking is already enough in order to get rid of your feelings of stress? When you are feeling frustrated or angry with the situations that you are facing, try to take a walk. You are going to be surprised with the relaxation you will feel after. Choose to walk in places that are full of trees or on the grass and allow yourself to be exposed to sunlight. The difference you will feel will be evident.
5. You can allow yourself to experience a meditative state when you take a walk with nature. You can become calmer so you can be in a reflective state. When you are able to reflect, you can also become more creative.

energy healing - healed by nature

energy healing – healed by nature

Energy healing at the beach with Ocean salty water

Mother Nature hides her healing properties in the salty Ocean

energy healing, healed by nature

energy healing, healed by nature

If you consider yourself more of a beach lover than a nature lover, then allow yourself to be near the sea or the ocean. You will feel your senses open up because you can see, smell, hear, feel and even taste everything.

And, you can also purchase items that naturally come from the ocean such as algae, seaweeds and sea salt. You can use them in various routines or treatments that will help cleanse your body. Through energy healing, you can rejuvenate yourself and feel better.

energy healing, healed by nature

energy healing, healed by nature

The ocean water provides perspective in a way that nothing else in nature therapy can. It is constantly changing and shifting right before your eyes, which is engaging from both a physical and psychological perspective. Water relates to our emotions and it brings to our soul a healing breeze because we the human species are 75%water.
Salt water can heal and smooth the body, a strong salt solution has not only antiseptic properties, and it is also an anti-inflammatory agent that helps stimulate the lymphatic drainage system.
There is an incredible feeling of peace and calmness that we experience at the beach, the combinations of soothing smells and sounds of water have a hypnotic effect on the brain, giving you a meditative state.

energy healing, be healed by nature

energy healing, be healed by nature

The Ocean water heals your energy in different ways:

Stress energy healing

Water is nature’s cure to life stress. It’s full of natural positive ions that are known for having the ability to make you feel at ease.
Much like Meditation the beach triggers a feeling of calmness that allows tuning everything else out and reflecting on what it is you’ve needed to focus on. In other words you will stop thinking of the future to live in the present.

Depression energy healing

The ocean brings multi sensory stimulation, we feel the grains of sand, we taste and smell the salt, the wind rushes over our face and body, and we hear the waves break and feel it on our skin. It is complete sensory immersion leaving us with no choice but to remain in the present.

This awakening of the present state of consciousness is extremely helpful for people that suffer of depression. There are also natural ingredients harvested from beneath the waves: sea salts, algae and seaweed, are packed of nourishing minerals. Their healing qualities detoxify and feed the nervous system as well relieve muscular tension.

So, if you are wondering where to find nature’s energy healing, look no further than the ocean.

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