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Energy Healing, Epigenetics -The Body Wrapper



Energy Healing, epigenetics

Energy Healing is a fast-changing method allowing releasing the negativity you’ve been born with in your AURA.

Epigenetics, as energy is “the wrapper of the physical body”, experiences of previous generations can affect who we are.

Energy is supported by the element AIR, which is well suited to carry the most of memory. Consequently, while the ancestral memory of the physical body is stored in DNA and passed to the generations of descendants, the ancestral memory of human AURA is carried over through the AIR in a form of DNA “wrapper.”  Those changes are the subject of the field of epigenetics or “external genetics,” which studies heritable phenotypic changes that do not derive from a modification of the genome.

Energy is an imperative part of the two most prominent modern scientific theories: The Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.  Energetic spectrum stretchуы from super low frequencies (3 Hz) to super high frequencies – gamma rays (300 Ehz.)  A human being is surrounded by the “ocean” of energy. Yet, although any form of energy affects people, the human body has a limited ability to interpreter it.

Most people can interpret low frequencies via the sense of touch, radio frequencies through the sense of hearing and what’s called “visible range” (around 300 THz) through the sense of vision.  However, some people can see ranges of frequencies between the auditable and visible ranges. This range is called Bio-Frequency Spectrum (BFS), which is in the vicinity of microwaves (300 MHz)

energy healing - epigenetics

energy healing – epigenetics

I am one of those people.  I was born with the ability “to see” energy, to visualize colorful auras surrounding people.  Increasing these natural abilities by an extensive research, I found out the meaning of each color within aura and whether its energy in balance or out of it.  This ability is relatively rare in people, but by far, I am not the only one.

Nowadays scientists cast a new look at shamans and medicine people who, in remote corners of the Earth, who can use traditional ancestral healing knowledge to restore the energy flow of the human body. Medical intuitives and healers can recognize the problem in the flow of energy and predict emotional and physical problems before their symptoms can even surface.  Such forestalling of energy disruptions allows those individuals to correct the problems before they occur rather than allowing them to develop into cancer, hard attacks, nervous or mental disorders.

For example: When your ancestor goes through a period of an excessive stress, this “experience” can be observed in your phenotype. An extra layer of information is placed on top of your DNA sequences. The sequence itself doesn’t change, but its energetic “wrapper” does. Since the “transgenerational transmission of environmental information” has already been noticed in descendants of Holocaust survivors.  They might have elevated level of the stress hormone cortisol in their blood, which makes them more vulnerable to stress and fear.

epigenetics - the body wrapper

epigenetics – the body wrapper

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