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Bea Kobran, Energy Healer


Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing

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 Ever since the beginning of times, many have given free rein to their imagination, the mind was the vehicle used. We entered the Age of Aquarius, the age of the mind and the collective unconscious. The vibration of our planet Earth, has moved from third to fifth Dimension, a factor that encourages the use of imagination and mental creativity.

Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing

The new dimension requires a superior mind, because the rising levels are still unknown.  About Intuitive Healing there is much talk and little understood. Communication Technology changed completely our  life, we were human beings, and now we are human minds. We had empirical memory, and now we have ancestral memory … with notions of time and space still unknown, like Quantum Physics and more?

BELIEF Is a Program that creates our Reality and the Operating System is our MIND

This service to gain Intuitive Healing and Ascension Awareness, may require more than one session, but not more than three, following the evolution of the client and depending on his beliefs. 

Planetary Ascension

Planetary Ascension

The Evolution of Healing is Now!  

 Crystal Healing, Counseling, DNA intuitive healing.

Bea Kobran, Light Therapy, Spiritual Healing, Certified Counselor and Life Coach, Intuitive Reader 

In person in South Florida, by phone or webcam, worldwide.

Fluent in Spanish, English and French 

Emotional and Spiritual Energy Healing, Improved Health and Well-Being  


Bea communicates to you over the phone (web-cam) as the distant healing is in progress and you will be able to discuss with her the issues as they arise. After the healing she will email you the result of the session (if requested).

Photo & Email    By providing a photograph of yourself either by email or post, you and your loved ones can receive a distant healing. After the session you will be emailed a written report of the healing.

Pricing Information   Long Distance Healing rate is $240.00 us, done in three separate sessions, it’s recommended all in one week.  

Psychic Reading: $99.00/ 1 hour      

Tel.(561) 252 3707  

Email: IntuitiveBea@Gmail.com                                    

Distant home cleansing, office and work-place cleansing, same price 
First 3 sessions: $240.00

This price includes a profound familiarization with a client’s medical history, his/her detrimental memory history and the history of his/her emotional traumas.

Following 3 sessions: $180.00

More or fewer treatments could be required, depending on each individual case.
The commitment to learning self-healing meditation techniques is extremely important. In order to enforce the results of spiritual healing, and consequently, reduce your overall cost, self-healing should be practiced on the regular basis, after the healing sessions.