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Michael G. Testimonial Part 2

What ended up happening with my health…

I was lucky enough to have a relative who was an expert massage therapist, one of those who studied medicine for many years and for all practical purposes was a doctor.  Through his energetic and skillful efforts, he took my panic attacks temporary under control.  He also armed me a set of self-massage techniques that I needed to do every day to keep myself afloat.

Yet, he as well many other specialists, told me that my anxiety and panic attacks were originated from some emotional trauma that happened to me earlier in life and that was ignored.  They advised me to analyze myself and face this problem and go through suffering or grief that I avoid earlier.

Having heard these advises, I was quite perplexed.  Even though my life wasn’t what you’d call a smooth sailing and I had my share of bumps and bruises, I couldn’t localize my problem to any one particular phenomena of grotesque proportion.

Since that time I lived a semi-handicap life.  My symptoms were not harsh enough to qualify me as a legitimate Supplemental Security Income contender. But not mild enough to be hired by any company or for that matter be a proud owner of a medical insurance, which I was denied in view of my pre-existing condition.  I made a little income here and there, and having the understanding and supportive children blessed me.

That’s pretty much how I thought I would live the rest of my life; without an appetite for it or a sense of purpose until I met Bea.

Meeting Bea…

I came to her place to be a cameraman, the skill I acquired in the meanwhile, to record her interview for a video.  Although I paid most attention to the camera, I still noticed that Bea was quite an unusual person.  While she answered the questions, she looked up and away from the questioner, as someone who is conceptualizing and visualizing her answers.

In retrospect, I realize that she was simply translating her answers from Spanish or French to English.  As a non-native English speaker myself, I can relate to how expressions from another language could overshadow the English equivalent and torment and tease you like a somewhat familiar face that you can’t quite make out because of a mask worn over it.

However, her unusual demeanor couldn’t reduce to just the linguistic clutter of several languages, preventing her from expressing herself smoothly.  There was something else in her measured narrative, something flowing and elevated, something that was just touching this reality and striving to exists somewhere else.  Only sometimes, her sharp and impish gaze flicked from underneath the fog of levitated consciousness.

On our departure, she offered to answer our questions about whatever we wanted to know.  I declined her gift because at the moment didn’t really know what to ask her.  I knew everything about my past and present. And, had a pretty good idea about my future if you know what I mean.

However, later, when I was working on the video. I realized that Bea described her expertise as dealing with many if not all my health issues.  Especially, when she mentioned that she balanced energies. The issue that, as I said, was the nucleus of my health problems.

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Bea Kobran

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