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Mindfulness facing Fears

mindfulness facing fears

mindfulness facing fears

Mindfulness facing Fears

Fear is an emotion that changes the behavior of a certain individual.  A normal behavior that dictates by our intuition to avoid the danger that might come along.   There are certain levels of fears that we must learn in our lives.  This level is based on the experiences once person encountered in his or her life.   This is the response from the brain that changes the functions of our organ to act weird in a certain situation for escaping and avoiding threats and hiding from the horrors and terrors.

When fears come from within and for decision-making for some matter, it is your intuitive fear and with guidance that teaches you to avoid risking something important.  But when it comes from traumatic events or a phobias, these are bad fears that need to overcome.   This fear may know to be a mind killer that restraint once ability and slow the personal progress.

There are certain ways to overcome fears, but we must consider first the causes and types of fears arising in our heart:

  1. List down your fear. To think of what drives your brain out of control may be hard when you are not in focus.  So, take a piece of paper or a notebook and take a seat for a while to focus on listing all possible things that you are fearful of.   These fears may include the following:  fear of spider, fear of snakes, fear of war and more.
  2. Categorizing your fears. You listed fears can be categorized into the following types: Fear of death, fear of the unknown and fear of the uncertainty and unpredictable and so on.
  3. Finding the cause of fear. This may give you a lot of effort to think what causes your fear.  These fears may come from your health condition, religious belief, cultures and traditions.
  4. Have a healthy lifestyle. Finding the cause of your fear may give you a hint how to overcome and treat minor fears.  Fears that come from the unhealthy body can be cured by changing your lifestyle: eating healthy food, having proper diet, exercise and avoiding bad vices.
  5. Meditation and Faith. Meditation is best remedy for fears that came from minor spiritual and mental weakness.  Aligning the energy and communicating to your inner senses will help you renew some beliefs that cause you fear.  Your faith with the Creator will also give you a strong energy to overcome a major fear from traumatic experiences.  It will also correcting  how to handle the fear properly.
  6. Seeking the Experts. If you are not practicing some steps above, you can still consider the help of experts in holistic therapist  and psychic therapist.  They are those expert people who can handle and develop some techniques to help the patient in treating their fear, stress, anxieties and traumas.

Want to know more about the different kinds fears, its types and cause.  This can be explain further as we study and tackle deeply about this topic next article.


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