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Relationships, Energy Healing

relationships, energy healing

relationships, energy healing

Love and attention – so valuable, so ephemeral and yet strangely tangible.  When you lack this, it may seem natural to give more.  You invest more, you devote your very heart – only to find yourself more disappointed, more depleted and feeling more insignificant.

Vicky had many problems related to relationships …. She was always getting involved with the “wrong man.”  She knew deep down inside that the people she chose were not right for her. But made justifications and excuses fell in the same trap over and over again.  And she stayed with the same relationship and tried harder and harder to no avail.

Viky had a very nurturing attitude. She helped the guys she was with financially, solved their childish issues with money, brought her to the point that she was in charge of buying cars on their behalf and using her good credit to give them an education. But, her partners have not invested. They have not given a thing. So, they were not at all in love.

After three broken relationships and ten years of feeding the “parasites” she felt she needed help.  A friend suggested that she might have some “bad energy” as she put it and advised Viky to see an energy healer, the one that she herd helped someone else from her friends.

That’s how we met.

She came to me asking: Why I’m always with weak men, with men who are children”? Why does it make me feel like I am their mom”?

After the first session of Reltionship Energy Healingwith Viky I detected that she lived with an ancestral memory of guilt, in past lives she was a man that abandoned and never protected his children.

We talked with Viky about her intentions before she was ready to engage into a new relationship; into a new cycle of unreciprocated giving. Whether she was “giving” without expectation of receiving anything in return? Or, whether her giving is rooted in the hopes. She will get love and acknowledgement in return?

Before proceeding to energy healing my goal was to make her realize that If there isn’t a foundation of love, respect and commitment with the person she was dating, giving more and doing nice things will not cause them to love her more, but it will only result in her becoming increasingly attached.

Relationship energy healing, in this case relates to an ancestral memory of guilt, in past lives she abandoned and never protected her children.

To Reprogram Vicky’s consciousness I applied to several different healing modalities, .

DNA Reprogramming of Ancestral Memory and Past Life memory.


relationships-energy healing

relationships-energy healing

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