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Spiritual Awareness for the Gut-Brain relationship

Spiritual Awareness for the Gut-Brain relationship

spiritual awareness for gut-brain relationship

spiritual awareness for gut-brain relationship

Many of my clients don’t understand what “spiritual healing” is. Some think I’m a wizard, others that I have “unknown powers.” None of this is true. The only “special” talent that I have is the ability to see what most don’t and this ability is far from being “unknown.”

This seeing enables me to balance energy levels or chakras by employing color enhancing meditation.  An aura of a healthy person has many vibrant colors.  In addition, those colors are dynamic; they spin around a central axis like merry go round.  On the contrary, if a person has a disease, an imbalance, or even a psychological condition – this manifest itself in an aura as a lack of color and its stagnation; its inability to spin.

Several times in my practice I realized that the problems with aura are caused by the modern life: especially by stress and inadequate eating.  After all, the food you eat endows your AURA.  Thus … you are what you eat.

Food brings nutrients to your bloodstream and consequently activates your neurotransmitters; that makes you who you are.  Brain disorders like: ADD, ADHD, Bipolar activity, Depression, Anxiety, Obesity and much more are the result of the gut-brain relationship. These disorders are commonly known in the occult as “demons”; therefore, several clients ask me to remove them…  The true demon in the Western society is what we eat.   Nowadays, all that we buy sealed and packed in supermarkets contains poison that alters the functions of the brain.

Spiritual awareness for the gut-brain relationship  requires first to balance chakra energies. To succeed I access each energy color – entering the aura of my client for as long as 50 to 60 minutes.  Consequently – each color has to spin in the same frequency.  When the client has addiction to sugar, carbs, alcohol, drugs, etc. to balance the colors or energy centers is impossible, when the following three energy centers are cluttered:

Root (survival) – Sacral (sexuality) and – Navel (power) they are blocking the road up.  As you can see all of them relate to the GUT, which sends nutrients to the BRAIN.

The good news is that these addictions can be reversed.  A well-known American nutritionist Adelle Davis said:

“We are indeed much more than we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are”.

If boosting your brain and losing weight is your primary goal, here is the magical formula:

  • Shoppe thoughtfully, read food labels, buy organic and avoid GMO’s or food with pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones.
  • White sugar and alcohol should not be part of any household pantry. Replace with honey, Truvia or Stevia.
  • White flour, bread, pasta, rice; cookies must be eliminated and replaced with raw vegetables and fresh fruits.
  • Get moving!!! Our new sedentary life requires to pump the physical system; this will boost your neurotransmitters.
  • Every 60 min. move away from your computer desk and do brief stretching exercises and run on the spot.

About Obesity:  There is a vicious cycle, where obesity leads to inflammation, which damages certain parts of the brain, which in turn leads to more craving and eating , thus more obesity.

As an addict needs more cocaine over time to get high, people who consume lots of sugar or carbs start consuming more in order to get that same dopamine high.  The aura of people that are addicts is very difficult to balance, and the brain disorders can be severe.

Get your Gut-Brain relationship out of addiction, start moving your behind, and change the wiring in your brain to eat better!  Then I will be able to help with spiritual healing.


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