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The Three Steps to Spiritual Healing


 spiritual healing

spiritual healing

The first thing in a healing process is to bring balance to the energy centers.  To undertake this task, a healer must have a keen perception and knowledge of the metaphysical world – Specifically- this operation requires a proficiency in the usage of the element AIR.

  1. This step is done through color painting meditation, similar to the KUNDALINI spiral of energy life.
  2. The second step is to reinstate the colors missing in chakras with the help of crystal healing vibrations.  The frequencies of crystal color vibrations will compensate the absent energy.
  3. The third step is to train the patient to self-heal through meditation. I apply different techniques of guided meditation in order to find one that the client is compatible with, colors, music, breathing, nature sounds, etc. Engagement from my client is a very important part of the healing.

Negative program or haunting thoughts removal

Our memories do not only related to this lifetime.  Somewhere within our “memory chip” we carry the traumatic events from past lives. Those haunting memories can be very harmful to your wellbeing.  It’s like a “genetic programming” that is constantly chasing you. The good news is that there is a way to remove this programming in order to install a new one.

Through a meditation, I need to enter your astral body and place my attention in your third eye chakra or front lobe of the brain, more specifically: the hippocampus and amygdala.

Once there, my attention will “travel” to the past searching for the negative episode that happened in the current or previous life that caused problems to your wellbeing. The best way to describe this sensation of accessing the frontal lobe is to imagine seeing a colored “movie “of the event that blocked the energy of the person. Usually, my patients perceive this episode as “déjà vu.”

Once I know what the problem is I proceed to “clean” this haunting negative energy. The method I use is visualization and new programming.  We cannot remove the negative programming and just leave the memory location blank.  We have to replace the old negative programming with the new positive one.

Perhaps the better way to describe it as we recycle the memory location.  If the new programming is not clear to me, I need to have feedback from my client, about what haunting memory should I remove and which positive memory to replace it with.

Domestic violence- present life

John had recurring nightmares. His deceased father was coming back in dreams, looking young and strong, threatening John (who felt like a little boy in a dream) with physical punishment. John spent many hours with negative thoughts and tremendous fear; his conscious mind was aware of the fact that his father has passed away and is incapable now of hurting him.

However, when he woke up, the negative feeling of fearful threat was present again and it took several hours before his mood could change.

Before proceeding with the treatment, I talked with John at length about this fears and about the circumstances of his child life to be sure that I knew who of his surroundings will be replacing the fearful image.

I proceeded to remove the programmed image of a threat from his passed away father and replaced it with a new image of that produced a nurturing and protective feeling.  I accomplished this by replacing the haunting memory of his father and placing it with the memory of nurturing arms of his grand-mother, thus leaving John with protective, caring and loving feeling.

Claustrophobia- past life

Living in NYC on a high floor where elevators were a necessity, Carol experienced a constant terror accessing it.  Yet, she didn’t have the same fear inside airplanes. Why would she be comfortable traveling by plain, and couldn’t handle the elevator?  Clearly, this wasn’t the fear of heights, but claustrophobia.

Entering her frontal lobe, I found out that she had memories from her previous life when she was buried alive. Removing this program took several sessions. I replaced her visualizing a bird that opens his wings widely and starts flying. Thus, I replaced her claustrophobic feeling with the feeling of confidence to be in a place without windows.

The Cold feeling – past life

George has always had the feeling of cold in his chest. Winter or summer didn’t make any difference; he needed to wear a sweater.

Entering his frontal lobe, I, saw him being stabbed in the chest in his past life. After four sessions of memory recycling, he didn’t feel cold anymore.  I replaced this program visualizing the sword out of his chest, without any scar.

Sexual Abuse in the present life

Rosa was sexually abused as a child. Many years of psychotherapy didn’t help. Life was without sexual enjoyment.  Her relatives surmised that she didn’t find the right man. Rosa was an attractive woman, but she was almost in her fifties and doubted if she’d ever find her soul-mate.  Over the years, she made several attempts to be in a relationship, but when it came to sex she withdrew.

Carol’s trauma was in waiting for an intercourse. Her KUNDALINI was blocked at the root chakra. The red color, that supposed to be dynamic, was static. After a few sessions, the color starts spinning again. I also worked on her fear to be “tortured” physically. As a result, of being forced to engage in intercourse her will power broke.

I replaced the painful memory of her childhood with a new program. I worked on retrieval of her will power. Eventually, I was able to replace the painful memory with the freedom feeling of her five senses thus clearing the way to her sexual enjoyment. Two years later she came to visit me with her fiancée.  Rosa could move on because the painful memory was replaced with a new programming of romantic and lovable relationship.

Generations of women were sexually abused, making the hidden trauma the underlying problem in their lives. The physical body, which is still carrying the memory of the abuse, manifest in breast cancer, uterus cancer and many other diseases related sexual organs.

Sexual abuse in the present life

Thierry was sexually abused when he was in boarding school; some teachers were constantly molesting and blackmailing her…“ you will get best grades, only in exchange for sex”.  Because of this, during his adult life, he proclaimed himself gay. At the age of 42, he came to me; with the problem of never finding his soul-mate.

While talking to him, I realized that he was buying love, usually through gifts and money that he will generously give to very young lover.  Entering his front lobe I saw that for his love was an exchange, a trade. His feelings were seriously with money.

I enter his frontal lobe and replaced the love trade for love-chemistry programming.

Thierry was not gay because of the memory; he has been born a gay. But his mindset associates childhood memories to the present lifestyle.

This removal of these “demons”…took several sessions. It completely cured Thierry.

Energy cord, bonds or attachments

Energy attachments can be negative or positive, it could be your “demon” or a caring, loving and protective feelings.

Emotions create an attachment point to people, situations or to a life. A cord of energy or chakra goes from your energy field to theirs and you are maintaining energy exchange with them – producing an unpredictable effect.


Emotions create an attachment point to people, situations or to a life. A cord of energy or chakra goes from your energy field to theirs and you are maintaining energy exchange with them – producing an unpredictable effect.

Parents and child produce the strongest energy bond.  Although, at first, it is necessary – if they are not released naturally. This could be the reason of negative attachment as an adult.  These energy attachments are usually “plugged” to a particular chakra of the body. The energy exchange continues regardless of a distance or a willpower.

In a mutually beneficial relationship the flow of energy goes both ways; in a relationship based on fear, dependency or “power trip” the flow directes only one-way causing drainage of energy from the “victim.”

This relates to the metaphysical existence of “energy vampires” – or individuals who maintain their energy levels by draining other people’s energy. Some of them do it unconsciously, others deliberately.

I’ve tried different ways of stopping it, but I found only the following technique working in this case. I might not be the only one. But in my experience it worked well in several different cases.

The negative (harmful) energy cord needs to cut. And, immediately some positive energy source connects to this. Leaving them disconnected resulted in a sudden energy drop a search for another “vampire” and usually re-attachment within minutes.

Visualization is the key technique in cutting and removing the cord.  Yet, where it comes to “demons removal” or for that matter when dealing with the past life traumas that rely on ancestor or DNA memory, is I ask help from my spirit guide. This is a difficult task and require the assistance of higher power or superior entities.  In this case I’m only channeling their energy.

Angels, archangels, etc. they are very common entitles. I prefer to refer to them as spirit guides, someone don’t have a physical or emotional body in this 3d world, but only have a spiritual body or an energy projection.  In my case I came to the understanding that it is my grandfather who is always stands behind me and is giving me help. I do speak to him to ask for help when removing demons.

  1. I visit the frontal lobe and wait until I see the story. That relates to the victim’s painful situation. I remove the program until the cord finished.
  2. Next using meditation and visualization I create a shield around each chakra to prevent further attachments and I install the new program that has NO cords or attachments.
  3. The new program has to be ready to be installed, replacement is done immediately.
  4. The increase of positive energy comes along in NO time.

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