Are you tired of more and more medications that only treat symptoms rather than go to the root of the problem?

Are you still suffering from anxiety, panic attacks depression?

Have you been a subject of domestic violence, sexual abuse or a child molestation and by now are suffering the emotional and physical consequence of this ordeal?

Do you have a strange fear that have no explanation in your life?

If you do, you are in the right place.

Spiritual healing will detect the root of your emotional problem and eliminate the sources of your deeply rooted pain and fear.

Spiritual Healing


First 3 sessions: $240.00

This price includes a profound familiarization with a client’s medical history, his/her detrimental memory history and the history of his/her emotional traumas.

Following 3 sessions: $180.00

More or fewer treatments could be required, depending on each individual case.
The commitment to learning self-healing meditation techniques is extremely important. In order to enforce the results of spiritual healing, and consequently, reduce your overall cost, self-healing should be practiced on the regular basis, after the healing sessions.

Guided Meditation for Self – Healing $50.00