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Healthy Goals Spiritual Healing Must for the Year 2018

Healthy Goals spiritual healing must for the year 2018 Even if you Didn’t get done or accomplish what you intended over the year, you should still celebrate the improvements you did make – no matter how small. Use this time to look introspectively and see how you have grown or changed

2018 New Year Resolutions with a Spiritual Goal

2018 New Year Resolutions with a Spiritual Goal Now that Christmas Holidays are over, many people’s thoughts and minds turn to New Year, and with New Year almost up on resolutions as it is an excellent time to make changes. Spiritual science teaches that the first 12 days of the year

Happy Holidays – This is the Season to Reflect and Heal

Happy Holidays –  This is the Season to Reflect and Heal Hello, Happy Holidays, everyone! We are already in our last month of 2017. Can you believe it? Not only are we nearing Yule and Winter Solstice – which begins on December 21st – but also we are reaching the end of December

Positive Thinking and Affirmations – Applying These Things to Your Daily Life

Positive Thinking and Affirmations – Applying These Things to Your Daily Life What is your ultimate goal in life? Everyone has a goal that they want to achieve at the soonest possible time but there are certain factors in life that can make reaching those goals more complicated.

Energy Healing, Epigenetics -The Body Wrapper

  Energy Healing is a fast-changing method allowing releasing the negativity you’ve been born with in your AURA. Epigenetics, as energy is “the wrapper of the physical body”, experiences of previous generations can affect who we are. Energy is supported by the element

Energy Healing – Be Healed by Nature

  You can allow yourself a meditative state when you take a walk with nature. You can develop a calmer attitude and be healed by Mother Earth. Our brains can sometimes become overloaded with all of the sights and sounds that we see. The world that we live in right now seems to be

Energy Cure for Depression

To read this article from the beginning, follow this link ENERGY CURE FOR DEPRESSION The first one was an amiable counselor that Samuel met during his student exchange program. This man and his wife became Samuel’s foster parents when he had to escape the chaos caused by civil w

Depression – Energy Healing

DEPRESSION – Energy Healing Depression –  is a common disorder, that requires medication and energy healing, and can be misdiagnosed with ignorant approach . Several times people came to me asking “why do I have so many demons”??  Madame B. sat, reclining in he

Panic Attack – part 2

For part 1 click here Panic Attack – Part 2 The next day Paul had a panic attack. As usual, it came, tortured him for a set amount of time and then it retreated. Paul was still in bed, feeling very weak, sweaty and dirty. He made himself get up and take the shower. As the water

Energy Healing

Energy Healing Are you asking yourself what is Energy Healing? Recently a client of mine gave me a call. He is a lawyer and a judge in Puerto Rico. He usually calls me every year for holidays: Christmas, Happy New year, etc. This time he revealed me that the first time when he called