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Bea Kobran, Energy Healer


How a Mother Heals with Her Love

How a Mother Heals with Her Love If there is one thing that is certain in this world, it is the fact that life can be unpredictable. You can be perfectly fine one time then suffering the next time. This is inevitable. As adults, we sometimes feel that we can do everything on our own.

Insomnia Spiritual-Natural Cure

 Insomnia Spiritual-Natural Cure  There are a lot of people who have been suffering from insomnia for years. Insomnia usually starts by having trouble sleeping. Some experience falling asleep first and then waking up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep. At times, there are som

Michael’s Testimonial_Spiritual Healing Part 3

Testimonials_Spiritual Healing Prerequisites for a treatment of spiritual healing It’s hard to say exactly whether I believed this would help.  My attitude was more of a “let’s do it since the opportunity presented itself.”  If I were to have a chance to be seen by the best medical do

The Three Steps to Spiritual Healing

  The first thing in a healing process is to bring balance to the energy centers.  To undertake this task, a healer must have a keen perception and knowledge of the metaphysical world – Specifically- this operation requires a proficiency in the usage of the element AIR. Thi

Energy Healing

Energy Healing Are you asking yourself what is Energy Healing? Recently a client of mine gave me a call. He is a lawyer and a judge in Puerto Rico. He usually calls me every year for holidays: Christmas, Happy New year, etc. This time he revealed me that the first time when he called

Spiritual Healing

  To an inexperienced onlooker, it might seem that the answers to inquiries I receive from my students and followers come to me easily.  Believe me, it’s not all that cut and dry.  It took me a lifetime of learning, to master the science and art of spiritual healing.  For years,

Thoughts Energy Healing

 Thoughts Energy Healing All of man’s challenges and difficulties arise from mistaking illusions for reality. Most of us have developed a mindset that happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity lies outside ourselves. Our internal dialogue runs endlessly, judging ourselves and others when

Healing the Stress and Anxiety of American Dreamers

In addition to multi-tasking, we have immersed ourselves and bought into the “American Dream.” Dream house, dream lover/spouse, dream career, dream children, or just a general dream life.  However, inexplicably, the dream does not materialize no matter how hard and how many times you