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All human are bound to understand the way their surrounding reacts on their individuality, the way it influence their culture, views on life, traditions and beliefs. We are here to study our environment, the nature, the ecosystem, the humanity, the way of living and the totality of interaction with ecological and cosmic structures, that’s the out of science.

When spirituality is concerned, the art of traditional beliefs was inculcated to us upon birth.  The behavior we developed is part of what was rooted from the past where religion has its big role in it.

By all collective influences such as in traditional teachings ; socializing with family, relatives and peers; and learning from what we observed, studied, acquired through experiences and more, are the factors in showing who you are today.

The way you speak, the way you react, the way you decide and the way you handle your habits, are the evidence of your past.  Only you can tell whether you are healthy inside and outside: physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

How important to attain the wholeness?

Spiritual awakening is important to us so understand how to survive being healthy in modern days today.  By means of awakening, you will gradually achieve the level of highest divinity.  The understanding of being oneness up to the wholeness of being can be develop from the diligent practices.  Attaining the wholeness will give us the full control of our systems starting from within.

Continuous practicing the meditation, attending yoga sessions and applying other holistic approaches are the best way of accomplishing the goal of wholeness.

It will open the gate of enlightenment and welcome the energy of truthfulness, allowing the flow of positive energy to dissolve the blockage of negative and toxic ions through veins and freely moves the positive energy all throughout our body system.

Wholeness is the beginning  of new visions, new life, new energy, new ideas in life.

We can enter a higher state of consciousness with the help of the above approaches. Then we will help our spiritual being to be cleansed, creating a clear path of communication to the life giver, the owner of the mortal and immortal world.

Having constant communication will allow our  intuition to sense the incoming energy around us.  It will help us shape our being, making our  inner being and the physical being as one, uniting them into one complete individual with the completeness in thought, views, beliefs and actions.



Bea Kobran

Holistic Therapist, Intuitive Counselor, Psychic Reader in Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton, FL 33442

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Life-coach, Master Tarot Teacher, Certified Theta-Healing® Practitioner, Certified & Licensed Counselor



Certified Life-coach Certified Theta Healing Practitioner Master Reiki Healer Master Tarot Teacher Member of the International Tarot Association- UK Member of American Tarot Association Member of Tarot Canada International Reverend – Phd.in Metaphysical Sciences – Universal Life Church Ministries Languages: Spanish – English – French

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